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Rave Podcast 115

00:00 ID — ID JOOF Aura
04:53 ID — ID JOOF Aura
08:44 Subtara — Atomic Energy (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
12:50 Cirez D — The Raid (Original Mix) Mouseville
16:25 Citizen Kain — The Elephant (Cosmic Boys Remix) BluFin
19:40 Carlos Manaca — Something Bad (Remastered) Transmit Recordings
24:29 Ben Tax — Here Now (Original Mix) mTechno Records
27:17 Barber, James Trystan — Fever (Original Mix) Ballroom Records
30:19 Ian O’Donovan — Astra (Original Mix) When We Dip XYZ
34:22 DJ Chus, Pablo Ceballos, Richie Santana — Low Frequencies (Drunken Kong Remix) Stereo Productions
38:43 Gallago — Astral Plain (Original Mix) 10 Steps North
44:46 Andrea Signore — Wonder (Original Mix) I Am Different
50:17 Chris Veron — Rising Panel (Original Mix) Prospekt Records
54:02 Dylhen, Paul Thomas — Unite (Extended Mix) FSOE UV
56:20 R3cycle, Sauze — Sick! (Original Mix) Sol Music

Special mix for Luminosity Broadcast 2020

My guest mix for Luminosity Festival as part of their online event is available on Soundcloud and here with a full tracklisting:

00:00 Anton Maiko — Save Me (Original Mix) JOOF Aura
04:09 Phil Martyn — Come On (Kastis Torrau Remix) Perspectives Digital
08:33 Allan McLoud — Make It Possible (Original Mix) Bonzai
14:14 Into The Ether — Aurora (Grazze Extended Remix) Songspire Records
18:06 Dezza, Rolo Green — Sunburn (Original Mix) Anjunabeats
22:13 Joy Marquez — I Watching You (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix) 76 Recordings
26:21 Ettica — Athena’s Silence (Original Mix) JOOF Aura
30:56 Planisphere — Nothings Slave (Original Acieed Mix) Green Martian
33:59 Dousk — Acrobatics (Original Mix) Mashtronic
39:25 Stiv Hey — Memories (Spektre Remix) Loose Records
43:19 Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy — Zephyros (Original Mix) Alleanza Records
47:21 Cory Goldsmith — Office Face (Original Mix) Blue Monkey Records
52:08 Dido, R Plus — Those Were The Days (Cristoph Remix) Loaded Records
55:10 Rodg — Want Love (Extended Mix) Statement Records

Luminosity broadcast tomorrow

Despite the fact that the Luminosity Festival has been postponed to the next year, the organizers decided to give us something nice and to hold an online event with the broadcast of mixes from artists in the lineup.

I also took part in this event and on this occasion recorded a special 1-hour mix.

Regular listeners know that usually my sets are dominated by a rather dark sound, but here I made an exception: I wanted something more melodic and light to reflect the positive vibe of the festival. As a result, It’s a beautiful, summer, sexy mix. Tune in tomorrow, Thursday, at 16:00 CEST.

Also, I want to draw your attention to 12:00 on Sunday for Slam Duck’s stream. Slam Duck was supposed to play at our April’s event and one of the two only Russian artists at the Luminosity lineup. Totally recommend listening to his set as well.

Rave Podcast 114

June 2020

00:00 Mike Rish — Strive (Original Mix) Ugenius Music
06:18 Luis M — Embrace The Fear (Original Mix) Digital Structures
11:26 Scanfix — Clouds (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
19:09 Kalden Bess — Midnight Train (Original Mix) Extravaganza
23:13 AlBird — Kestrel (Tomas Otero Remix) Ballroom Records
27:16 Kalden Bess — Animal (Rino Cerrone Remix) Ground Factory Records
30:48 Rick Pier O’Neil — Loud And Proud (Part 2) JOOF Recordings
36:05 Cid Inc, Lank — Emotional Self (Microtrauma Remix) microCastle
39:20 Hollen — Hocus Pocus (Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy Remix) Prospekt Records
42:51 Drunken Kong — A New Light (Original Mix) Tronic
46:51 Monococ — Your Soul (Original Mix) Sonusfield
51:31 Aoud — SE MKII (Original Mix) Persephonic Sirens
54:10 Heerhorst — Rave Factor (Original Mix) Codex Recordings

Rave Podcast 113

May 2020. Extended Mix

0:00:00 Andre Sobota — White Pearl (Original Mix) Flow Vinyl
0:04:42 Ziger — Lost (Original Mix) Beat Boutique
0:07:50 Ad Brown — Calibre (Solid Stone Remix) Yin
0:11:43 Kassey Voorn — Search And Destroy (SQL Remix) Gem Records
0:16:37 DNYO — Reaction (Quivver Edit) Controlled Substance
0:19:12 Dylhen — Lucid (Extended Mix) FSOE UV
0:23:52 Dieter Dresner — Disgrace (Roby M Rage Remix) Ushuaia Music
0:27:42 Planisphere — Tokyo Triggerscape (Original Mix) Green Martian
0:29:45 ID — ID JOOF Aura
0:34:20 Spektre — What Once Was Lost (Original Mix) Kraftek
0:38:22 Brennen Grey — Harsh Light Of Reality (Original Mix) We Are The Brave
0:42:22 Thomas Gandey, Wehbba — Hyper Real Decadence (Original Mix) Drumcode
0:46:14 Weska — Primer (Original Mix) Weska
0:50:44 Filterheadz — Valhalla (Original Mix) Agile Recordings
0:55:44 Eric Sneo — Eruptive (Original Mix) Black Kat
0:57:43 Pig & Dan — Slave To Rhythm (Original Mix) Drumcode
1:01:56 Alex Stein — Speed Of Light (Original Mix) Terminal M
1:05:38 Lost Minds — Oscillate (Original Mix) Ithica Records
1:07:36 Rutzen — Hooligans (Original Mix) Reload Black Label
1:10:04 Toni Alvarez — Salbutamol (Nostromos Remix) Dolma Rec
1:12:46 Joyhauser — Fierceness (Original Mix) Drumcode
1:17:40 John 00 Fleming, Roby M Rage — The Devil’s Gates Of Heaven (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
1:21:06 Goncalo M — Genetic Engines (Original Mix) Dreizehn Schallplatten
1:25:43 KlangKuenstler — Zorn Amons (Original Mix) Outworld
1:29:58 Oliver Maes — Rayless (Original Mix) Suara Records
1:32:36 Drug4u — Monoacidic Bass (Original Mix) Dreizehn Schallplatten
1:36:57 Jaymie Silk — Herbal (Raito Remix) Pelican Fly
1:41:17 KlangKuenstler — Balthazar (Original Mix) Outworld
1:45:15 Hannes Matthiessen — I’m Gonna Shoot You (Chris Lehmann Remix) Dreizehn Schallplatten
1:48:37 Mark Sherry — Sacrare (Original Mix) Techburst Records
1:52:29 Michael Klein — Wenn Du Schreist (Original Mix) Second State
1:55:29 Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy — Setback (Original Mix) Selected Records
1:57:46 Hadone — Hope Reminds Me Of Her (Original Mix) Monnom Black

Luminosity rescheduled for 2021

Today it became finally known that the Luminosti Festival has been postponed until next year.

A word from the festival crew:

This may not come as a surprise, but we regret to inform you that due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we have to postpone the 2020 edition of Luminosity Beach Festival in June.

The Dutch government have just announced in a press conference that all events and gatherings are still forbidden this summer. This unfortunately means that we won’t be able to host this year’s festival in Zandvoort or the after party in Club Panama, Amsterdam.

The good news: We’ve already been able to secure a date for next year. Luminosity Beach Festival 2021 will be held from Thursday June 24 till Sunday June 27 in Zandvoort.

Netherlands, see you next year!

Rave Podcast 112

April 2020

00:00 Raul Young — G.A.D. (Original Mix) Loose Records
04:36 Filterheadz — Tension (Original Mix) Agile Recordings
08:52 Balthazar, Jackrock — Skyline Allure (Original Mix) Terminal M
12:22 David Granha, Hollen — Try To Do It (Original Mix) Unrilis
16:31 Filterheadz — Rapture (Original Mix) Agile Recordings
20:46 Fabrizio Carioni — Ten Days Of Rain (Original Mix) WKB Records
22:19 ID — ID JOOF Recordings
27:48 Lazar — Disaligned (Original Mix) We Are The Brave
31:46 Brennen Grey — Purified (Original Mix) We Are The Brave
36:28 Carl Shorts — In Two Minds (Darmec Remix) Blue Monkey Records
40:25 Danny Wabbit, Karim Alkhayat – Berliner (Original Mix) Reload Black Label
44:38 Jens Lissat — 2020-808-909=303 (Original Mix) Studio3000 Records
48:30 Hedustma — Existence (MVMB Remix) Iono Music
53:01 KlangKuenstler — Ehre Und Gewalt (Original Mix) Outworld
55:37 In Verruf — Leid (Original Mix) R – Label Group
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Rave Podcast 111

March 2020

00:00 Futur-E — Acrobat (Original Mix) Movement Recordings
05:08 Mr Bizz — Flash (Original Club Mix) Toolroom Records
07:57 Matt Lange, Kerry Leva — Inverse (Original Mix) Anjunadeep
11:02 Rick Pier O’Neil — Cancun (Dimuth K Remix) Yang
14:58 Solid Stone — 606 (Original Mix) Coldharbour Recordings
18:02 Simon Berry — Rogue Planet (Torsten Fassbender Remix) Platipus Records
22:23 Eli Spiral — The First Molecule (Coredata Remix) Forescape Digital
27:27 Kaiserdisco — Hydra (Aitor Ronda Remix) Tronic
30:44 Kaiser Souzai — Zug Der Liebe (Fifteen Bullets Rehab) Ballroom Records
33:46 Felix Zahra, R3cycle — Deeper Visions (Original Mix) Sol Music
36:18 Alex Stein — Blackbird (Original Mix) Tronic
39:52 Wehbba — Basic Pleasure (Original Mix) Drumcode
43:04 My Cat Snoop — Shungite (Original Mix) Elevate
47:18 Stumm — Funky (Original Mix) Phobiq
50:46 Bastet, Rommo — Poseidon (Original Mix) Phobiq
54:15 Andrea Signore — Paranoia (Original Mix) Orange Recordings

Interactive tracklistings

Good news for those who keep asking “What track is playing at a certain minute?” – I’ve got interactive tracklists on my blog.

Now the current track from the mix is automatically highlighted as you play, and you can also immediately click on any track and the mix will rewind to the right moment. So good! Thank you Ilya Birman for that.

So far, such tracklists work in recent podcasts and several sets, I’ll make it everywhere later on.

Try on podcast or a set.

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