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In today’s world of quick messages and social media, emails often get overlooked and might seem old-fashioned. But for me, email is special.

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After splitting my website to create more room for my personal space online, I’ve set up a couple of new social accounts using my real name

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I almost stopped browsing (and posting on) social media. Feels great!

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To read interesting blogs and pages on the Internet, I use a thing called RSS. As it happens, not many people know about RSS, so I will tell you what it is and how to use it.

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Where to start, what to write about, and why you shouldn’t blog on social networks.

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Some thoughts on the ”web 1.0” and good-old RSS and email instead of Facebook and Instagram for public communication.

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A good documentary from Pioneers about the impact of social media on DJs and the industry. I liked the fact that the view is not one-sided, but both pros and cons are expressed

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Livestream highlights The live stream’s banner

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Ace Ventura gave an interview to a South African-based Psytrance portal Psymedia.co.za, and here’s what he said about social media

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Vlog episode 002 It seems my vlog pilot episode was accepted quite nicely, so I’ve made a new episode for you

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