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🇬🇧 Bristol, 16 September 2023 I’m absolutely delighted to have my Bristol debut, playing alongside the one and only John 00 Fleming and Keros from Amplify Events...

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Once again, I had the privilege to make a guest mix for John Fleming’s radio show, JOOF Radio. It’s for the fourth time, I can’t believe it

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Pig&Dan, Alan Fitzpatrick, Drunken Kong, Victor Ruiz, Fabio Florido, David Moleon, Lucinee, Oprofessionell, and more.

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Regal, Enlusion, Blazej Malinowski, Nomas, Kaiser Souzai, Horizons, Alexander Kowalski, Cristian Varela, and more.

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🇬🇧 London, 25 August 2023 I’m excited to be playing in London again and absolutely honoured to be a part of this massive event hosted by Tribal Village × Dance

Phara, David Moleon, KaioBarssalos, Kay Barton, Omformer, Hypnum, Vaya, Whirloop, and many more.

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Jamie Baggotts, Elias Erium, Hollen, Harvey McKay, Sasha Carassi, Alberto Ruiz, Jordan Gill, RNX, Second Sine, and more.

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Airwave, Enrico Sangiuliano, Introversion, Ronnie Spiteri, Slam Duck, Dulcet, Charles D, and more.

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I recorded a 6-hour mix as if I were playing it in a club.

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Tara Hawes, a music journalist and staff writer at one of the most long-established UK underground music communities HarderFaster.net, wrote a fabulous article covering my decade of dance music.

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