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On my work as a curator at Beatport, the leading online store and platform for DJs

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Monophonik, Riva, DJ Ali, Shawn Cartier, Ryan James Ford, Komet99, Gabriola, Exotek, Frond, Maara, and Art Of Trance.

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Building up a set, my DJ playlists, and opinion on the Trance scene

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Music from Wata Igarashi, Ipeo, Adam Pits, Volte-Face, Atlas, VBK, Mac Declos, Not Even Noticed, Samoh, and Reflex Blue.

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Oftentimes when some people think about music genres, they think binary. It’s either this or that. It’s either House or Trance. It’s either Techno or Psy-Trance. But I think of genres as a spectrum, like the adjustable sliders in photo editing apps.

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Music from Alpha Tracks, Cybernet, Reaky, Pjotr G, Dubiosity, Spray, Pig&Dan, John 00 Fleming, Antithet, Jamie Baggotts, and Whirloop

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As part of the Curation’s Best of 2023 campaign, the editorial team over Beatportal put together a list of each curator’s top artists, labels, and tracks of the year

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As we bid farewell to 2023, I’ve curated three Best Of charts for the genres I oversee

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The Beatportal editorial team asked me to choose my top two tracks from both the Trance (Main Floor) and Trance

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Music from Hedustma, Alan Backdrop, Lucinee, Oprofessionell, Repulsive Force, Ambeam, Incolumis, DECO 5000, Nordic Echoes, Facade, My Flower, and Darse.

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Since arguing about genres can be endless, I’ve created audio example playlists of how I define them.

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