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Had a productive day recording the pilot episode of my new ‘Ask Me Anything’ series – and it was pretty fun

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Today, I’m sharing my entire DJ collection with my Patreon subscribers. This is something that sane DJs probably would never do!

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Oftentimes when some people think about music genres, they think binary. It’s either this or that. It’s either House or Trance. It’s either Techno or Psy-Trance. But I think of genres as a spectrum, like the adjustable sliders in photo editing apps.

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As part of the Curation’s Best of 2023 campaign, the editorial team over Beatportal put together a list of each curator’s top artists, labels, and tracks of the year

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A quick look into the mind of a music curator.

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Sometimes when I announce a new show, people ask me in the comments or in private messagees: “What are you going to play?”. I’ll try to answer it here.

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Behind the scenes creation of Dark Entity, a collaboration of Daniel Lesden and Enlusion.

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How a children’s book formed the basis of my new track.

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Not only my new single Binary Star is out this week, but I also have another great news: I have finally finished a new studio!

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A short behind the scenes story of on Binary Star.

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