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A quick look into the mind of a music curator.

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Tara Hawes, a music journalist and staff writer at one of the most long-established UK underground music communities HarderFaster.net, wrote a fabulous article covering my decade of dance music.

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What to use, how to connect, set up and process in order to get a high-quality DJ set recorded live with crowd noise.

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What I really need for a DJ set: one USB stick. What I carry with me in my backpack

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Sometimes when I announce a new show, people ask me in the comments or in private messagees: “What are you going to play?”. I’ll try to answer it here.

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Behind the scenes creation of Dark Entity, a collaboration of Daniel Lesden and Enlusion.

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How a children’s book formed the basis of my new track.

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Not only my new single Binary Star is out this week, but I also have another great news: I have finally finished a new studio!

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A short behind the scenes story of on Binary Star.

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During my DJ sets, I try to put a laptop next to the decks when possible. But it’s not there to run a DJ program like many people think whether it’s Traktor or Rekordbox or something

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