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“Alright, I’ve learned how to mix the tracks. What to do next? How to grow?”. Advice to Nikita

 1 comment    168   4 mo   Advice   Career   DJing

During the sets, I try to put a laptop next to the decks when possible. But it’s not there to run a DJ program like many people think whether it’s Traktor or Rekordbox or something

 No comments    381   1 y   Advice   Behind the scenes   DJing   Etiquette   Gigs

No matter when my set time is – at 1 or 4 AM, I always try to arrive at the venue prior to the doors opening, especially if it’s the first time

 No comments    177   2020   Advice   Behind the scenes   DJing   Etiquette   Gigs   Skazka Festival

At the invitation of Rave People, I answered some more questions in a series of mini-interviews prior to Open To Close

 No comments    57   2020   Behind the scenes   DJing   Gigs   Interview   Open To Close   Rave People

On January 25th I will play a 6-hour set, and in the meantime, Rave People team asked me about the intricacies of such a challenging performance

 No comments    44   2020   Behind the scenes   DJing   Gigs   Interview   Open To Close   Rave People

In anticipation of my solo performance on January 25th, I gave a series of small interviews to the Rave People team to give behind-the-scenes details of myself and the event

 No comments    70   2020   Behind the scenes   DJing   Gigs   Interview   Open To Close   Rave People

It is commonly believed that “there are more DJs than there are people”, “everyone is a DJ these days”, and that DJing is a very highly competitive market

 No comments    60   2019   Advice   Career   DJing   Etiquette

Organising playlists by energy levels, vibe, and flow

 11 comments    6765   2019   Advice   Behind the scenes   DJing   Pioneer   Rekordbox

I edit pretty much all the tracks in my DJ collection, making breakdowns shorter, or making a DJ-friendly arrangement, or changing some parts here and there

 No comments    32   2018   Behind the scenes   DJing

Livestream highlights The live stream’s banner

 No comments    38   2018   DJing   John 00 Fleming   Marketing   Music industry   Quotes   Social media
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