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All notes and my experience, thoughts, and practical tips on DJing

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Building up a set, my DJ playlists, and opinion on the Trance scene

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Today, I’m sharing my entire DJ collection with my Patreon subscribers. This is something that sane DJs probably would never do!

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My thoughts on what a DJ actually does, what is the main purpose of a DJ, and what tools a DJ use to achieve that task.

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“Please explain the theory ((/blog/all/energy-mixing/ about energy levels)). Why lower it, and when? And when to raise it? How do you know it doesn’t work because it’s boring and needs to be more exciting or because everyone is tired and needs to be calm?”. A question from Ilya Birman

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In 2020, John 00 Fleming gave an interview with the Finish More Music YouTube channel, and I wrote out some interesting parts from it.

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I usually try and recommend playing tracks more or less close to their original tempo, not to speed up or slow down the tempo by 20 beats per minute, as some DJs do

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The opening DJ is one of the most underrated roles in the club event format. But who are these “opening” DJs? What they should be doing and what things they must avoid? Watch the video about it.

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I made a big thing: I cleaned up my music collection, reducing the number of tracks from 11084 to 7559

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What to use, how to connect, set up and process in order to get a high-quality DJ set recorded live with crowd noise.

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Sometimes when I announce a new show, people ask me in the comments or in private messagees: “What are you going to play?”. I’ll try to answer it here.

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