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Another nice little thing about the advice section that few people will appreciate (and that’s OK)

 No comments    195   3 mo   My websites and blog

Finally, the advice series got its own separate section on the site.

 No comments    109   3 mo   My websites and blog

With a clear meaning, a uniform look and feel and a top menu, and in two languages.

 No comments    167   2021   My websites and blog

Guys, I need a little help on the web. Added on March 13: a developer is found. Thanks to everyone who responded

 No comments    47   2021   My websites and blog

I have a special page for promoters and social media needs, where I post photos from my gigs in high resolution, and for the past few years, I have used a Dropbox feature called Showcase for this purpose –...

 No comments    136   2021   Marketing   My websites and blog

Good news for those who keep asking “What track is playing at a certain minute?” – I’ve got interactive tracklists on my blog

 No comments    80   2020   My websites and blog

Promoters, bloggers, designers! Sometimes you use Daniel Lesden artist logo and pictures for flyers, posters, cover artworks, social media banners, and other promotional and press needs

 No comments    55   2017   Marketing   My websites and blog

This whole time I’ve been using my blog wrong I started this blog in 2013 to have an intimate place for occasional writing some behind the scenes posts

 No comments    28   2017   My websites and blog

A huge update for mobile users I’ve been in the music business for 5 years and know for certain that I will continue pursuing the passion for music production for the rest of my life

 No comments    46   2016   My websites and blog   Sound design

Introducing a major website update It’s easy to make something new, much harder task is to take an existed product and precisely improve every aspect of it

 No comments    21   2015   My websites and blog
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