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Less is more

I use the principle “less is more” and it works great in every aspect:

  • In music production: less plugins means in-depth knowledge of each device, less CPU usage, easier mixdown. And budget savings, too.
  • In radio show: less periodicity means more diversity in tracks and guest mixes. This is the reason why I’ll never turn Rave Podcast into a weekly show.
  • In web development: less features means more attention and polishing for other important functions, as results — launch on time with no bugs.
  • In food: eat less at once (but more often) to stay healthy.

Do less to get more.

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AudioFire 2019

Well said ,great to hear this from somone that understands their music. I could not agree more, and im finally grasping this way of thinking.In the past and from time to time i still try and add way to much .Im not sure why this is? but its annoying if anything.Maybe this comes with experience and knowledge of what crowds want on the dancefloor....best keep it simple hey!

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