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Behind the scenes in facts and numbers Last year I released my second studio album 2000 Years Ahead, my the most successful release to date

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TranceMag staff editor Florin has written a review of 2000 Years Ahead album, revealing the hidden meaning of the tracks titles

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Second studio album · Digital Om Productions

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I’ve recorded the album showcase mix for Digital Om Productions label series at RadiOzora. The mix includes seven brand new tracks from my album as well as some of my favourite tracks by other producers

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Since I posted my second album production announcement followed by “the album is complete” videos, people keep asking me when it will be released, why it took me so long to make it

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Half year ago I announced my second album production. And today, I’m totally delighted to say that the album is complete

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Some madness in the studio! Here’s a little taste of a new work-in-progress track from my second forthcoming album

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TranceMag is a leading Trance music site who shares the latest reviews, interviews, and hosts TranceMag Sessions every Sunday

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I’m delighted to announce that I currently working on a collaboration with a very talented producer and great guy, AudioFire

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Guys, I have a video message for you with some important announcement about my productions. And a sneak peek of something that I currently working on as a bonus

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