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In 2020, John 00 Fleming gave an interview with the Finish More Music YouTube channel, and I wrote out some interesting parts from it.

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What does releasing music really do? How much income can be earned from a track on a big curated playlist? What should one expect when signing a track to a label? All of this I’’m talking about in a new video

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“Can I use any tracks I like for my podcast without changing them? Say, download them from the internet, mix them up, and put them on Apple Podcasts? Do I need permission from each label and artist?”. A question from Aiya

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Making music “just for yourself” and “for a career” is a big difference. And here’s why.

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Cancelled gigs and plans, closed clubs and country borders. The coronavirus pandemic has affected all areas of our lives, but I would like to talk specifically about the music industry and the income of artists in particular.

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“Alright, I’ve learned how to mix the tracks. What to do next? How to grow?”. Advice to Nikita

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Some thoughts on the ”web 1.0” and good-old RSS and email instead of Facebook and Instagram for public communication.

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What are those and should you follow them? Let’s find out.

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Sometimes I get questions in the advice series that boil down to, “Can I do this or that?” or “Can I not do that?

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“What are the pros and cons of releasing a track directly through a distributor, without a label? What are the pitfalls of this process?”

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