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Tag: Collaborations

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A collaboration with Enlusion in two versions with remixes from Fuenka, Facade, and Cosmithex.

 No comments    161   2021   Collaborations   Dark Entity   Forescape Digital   Releases   Singles and EPs   Techno   Trance

Our track will be released later this year.

 No comments    219   2021   Collaborations   Dark Entity   Teaser

A new collaboration on Digital Om Productions My new collaboration with Indonesian talent Tim Bourne titled “Constellations” is out now on Digital Om Productions as a part of “Universal Progressions”

 No comments    100   2019   Collaborations   Constellations   Digital Om Productions   Psytrance   Releases

A new collaboration · Digital Om Production

 No comments    73   2018   Collaborations   Confront Reality   Digital Om Productions   Psytrance   Releases   Singles and EPs

Second studio album · Digital Om Productions

 No comments    141   2017   2000 Years Ahead   Albums   Collaborations   Digital Om Productions   Psytrance   Releases   Remix

I’m delighted to announce that I currently working on a collaboration with a very talented producer and great guy, AudioFire

 No comments    15   2016   2000 Years Ahead   Collaborations   Teaser

A collaboration with Cosmithex · JOOF Mantra

 No comments    60   2015   Collaborations   Genesis   JOOF Recordings   Psytrance   Releases   Remix

A collaboration with Mekka · Borderline Music

 No comments    64   2015   Aurora   Borderline Music   Collaborations   Psytrance   Releases   Singles and EPs   Uplifting Trance

A new EP · JOOF Recordings This EP is unique in many ways. “Mirai” is a morning Trance with an amazing live flute from Spinney Lainey, and “Out Of This World” — one of my the favourites fracks

 No comments    67   2014   Collaborations   JOOF Recordings   Mirai   Psytrance   Releases   Trance

A new collaboration on Tandava Records Argonnight, Daniel Lesden — Imitation Of Life (Original Mix...

 No comments    9   2014   Collaborations   Imitation Of Life   Progressive Psy   Releases   Tandava Records
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