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All music that I make and play under the stage name Daniel Lesden

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David Moleon, Introversion, Sera J, Faster Horses, Regent, Regent, Alan Backdrop, Raffaele Attanasio, Bliss Inc, Hypnocoustics, Kineta, Sioc, and more.

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An ever darker version of my collaboration with Enlusion

Wata Igarashi, Atlas, Coyu, Talfelt, DJ Dextro, Kashpitzky, Villa, Nordic Echoes, Alan Backdrop, and more.

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Luigi Tozzi, Vladw, Bitkit, Fabio Florido, Luke Hess, Altinbas, Uncharted Territory, Kashpitzky, Anne, Raar, Oprofessionell, Narciss, Cybernet, and more.

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Ambeam, Marco Bailey, Hedustma, 27Club, Ectima, John 00 Fleming, Tom Hades, Alan Backdrop, Maike Depas, GiGi FM, Axel Karakasis, Deco 5000, Quinnbond, Dynamic Forces, Ferdinger, Introversion, and Chris Flannigan.

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Ness, Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy, Sigvard, Incolumis, Angelo Stasi, Ferdinger, Regent, and more.

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Once again, I had the privilege to make a guest mix for John Fleming’s radio show, JOOF Radio. It’s for the fourth time, I can’t believe it

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Pig&Dan, Alan Fitzpatrick, Drunken Kong, Victor Ruiz, Fabio Florido, David Moleon, Lucinee, Oprofessionell, and more.

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