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Starting this week in the CS50 course, I am now transitioning from C to Python, learning syntax and all the fundamentals of this new language

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Another task in the CS50’s problem set 4 was to apply filters to BMP images. Luckily, the core functionality was provided by the staff, so I had to only implement four functions

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As I continue learning computer science, here is my walkthrough of week 4’s problem

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By the end of my second week of learning programming, there was a problem to solve which admittedly took me some time to figure out as the level of complexity from the previous problem jumped quite significantly

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To finish off my first week of learning programming, I’ve completed another task which summed up pretty much everything I’ve learned so far about the basics

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In the second week of CS50, I was introduced to the notion of arrays and then given the following problem to solve as a practice

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I keep learning programming, and today I share my baby walkthrough of the second homework from the CS50 course titled Credit

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My problem-solving walkthrough to implementing a program in C that recreates pyramids from Super Mario game

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