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Super excited about this one! Sabretooth remixing “Enuma Elish” and it sounds fantastic, I can’t wait to let you hear it guys

 No comments    41   2016   Enuma Elish   Teaser

TranceMag is a leading Trance music site who shares the latest reviews, interviews, and hosts TranceMag Sessions every Sunday

 No comments    163   2016   2000 Years Ahead   Behind the scenes   Enuma Elish   Interview   Psy scene   Rave Podcast   Surreal

Zone Magazine is an Irish magazine about the underground dance music scene, born in 1994. On February 2016 issue #8, staff journalist Danny Slade reviewed Daniel’s Enuma Elish...

 No comments    31   2016   Enuma Elish   Press reviews

Music Talk is a blog that features exclusive interviews, reviews, and other interesting tidbits from artists who are part of the Electronic Dance Music world

 No comments    36   2016   Enuma Elish   Press reviews

A new single · JOOF Mantra Our next single comes from Russia’s Daniel Lesden. After his enormous collaboration with Cosmithex comes Enuma Elish

 No comments    114   2015   Enuma Elish   JOOF Recordings   Psytrance   Releases   Singles and EPs

Vând Sunete focuses on track recommendations and features everything from new releases to genre classics

 No comments    34   2015   Enuma Elish   Press reviews

Hey folks, I’d like to bring you an update from the studio to let you know what comes next

 No comments    2   2015   Enuma Elish   Studio   Teaser   Video
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