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Second studio album · Digital Om Productions

Remixes EP · Digital Om Productions Another Earth EP has been originally released on Digital Om Productions in 2015, and now this Sci-Fi saga returns packed with outstanding remixes

A remix on You Are My Salvation · Research & Development

A collaboration with Cosmithex · JOOF Mantra

 No comments    60   2015   Collaborations   Genesis   JOOF Recordings   Psytrance   Releases   Remix

A remix on Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn · Pharmacy Music

 No comments    49   2014   Pharmacy Music   Psytrance   Releases   Remix   The Human Element

A remix on John 00 Fleming · JOOF Recordings

 No comments    60   2014   Healing   John 00 Fleming   JOOF Recordings   Psytrance   Releases   Remix

A remix on Whirloop · JOOF Recordings New JOOF team member Daniel Lesden took it upon his own shoulders to remix one of the JOOF Recordings all-time great tracks

 No comments    23   2014   Feel The Effect   JOOF Recordings   Psytrance   Releases   Remix

A remix to Ace Ventura · Free download I’m very grateful for your feedback on my remix of “Presence” and now I’m giving it away as a free download

 No comments    40   2013   Free download   Presence   Psytrance   Releases   Remix

A remix on Mac & Monday · Borderline Music

 No comments    17   2013   Borderline Music   Psytrance   Releases   Remix   Uplifting Trance   Yoruba

A remix on Lyctum · Synergetic Records New monster single by Lyctum titled “Galactic Society”, including a remix by yours truly, is out today

 No comments    53   2013   Galactic Society   Psytrance   Releases   Remix   Synergetic Records
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