Over the years of working with music and people in the music industry, I have accumulated experience, which over time has formed into a structured framework of knowledge. And I want to carry that knowledge forward.

I’m working on a full-fledged training course for DJs and producers. There won’t be recipes for quick success, promises of world fame after the first release, or abstractions from theorists. Instead, it will be a consistent system of learning and practical advice from personal experience.

I can’t tell you yet when the course will be available, but if you’re interested in please leave your email and I’ll let you know:

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    Questions and answers

    What will the course be about?

    The first course is about DJing.

    I’m going to learn how to make music, right?

    No, there will probably be a separate course on music production in the future.

    I don’t know anything about DJing at all. Will the course work for me?

    Yes, the curriculum is built on the principle from easy to hard, so the course is suitable even for beginners.

    I already know how to mix tracks. Does it make sense for me to take this course?

    Mixing is only one of the tools in DJing, and not the most important one. In addition to mixing, in the course we deal with the search and selection of music, organizing media library, programming sets, preparing for a performance, reading the dance floor, and many other nuances. If these are new topics for you, you might find the course useful.

    How will the course run?

    The course takes place remotely; you only need a computer and the internet to access it. All details will be revealed closer to launch.

    When will the course be available?

    No exact date yet, but probably this or next year. The best way not to miss the launch is to leave your email in the form above.

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