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A great place to discover Psychedelic music Dear fellows, I’m pleased to introduce you to the Psytrance Guide

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Video summary and highlights A few weeks ago, Futurephonic hosted a live Facebook video featuring two awesome guests

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I was cleaning up some old folders on my disk drive and suddenly discovered a quite nice archive of Psytrance flyers from the parties that took place in Moscow city in 2005—2007

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I had an interesting conversation today, I’ve been told that my stage name “Daniel Lesden” is associated with Trance or Techno music but not with Psytrance

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Behind the Scenes: FM Booking. Some interesting insights from Patrick Chen: “In Psy scene, per an artist, DJ, or producer, the average price rate is about €2000 per gig

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TranceMag is a leading Trance music site who shares the latest reviews, interviews, and hosts TranceMag Sessions every Sunday

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I love Israeli trance scene since early Goa Trance in the 90s. This small country contributed to the Psy scene probably more than any other

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Since I moved to Israel I lost the connection with the Moscow Psy scene, but I’m curious to know: are there any promoters who still making Progressive Psy parties in Moscow?

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