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Tag: Ableton

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Last month I’ve locked myself in the studio to win some time and finally finished a new track after a long break, as promised

 No comments    31   2017   Ableton   Existence   Studio   Teaser   Video

Vlog pilot episode Many people find my humble advice blog useful and I’m happy to hear that. However, the number one request that I get asked all the time is to make videos

 No comments    105   2017   Ableton   Advice   Behind the scenes   DJing   Vlog

Hi Daniel, as far as I’m aware you are using Xone K2 controller. How did you control Beat Repeat when played a set at PDJ TV

 No comments    460   2017   Ableton   Advice   DJing

How to make a non-destructive editing of automated parameters so I could change it in one place and apply to the entire clip’s length?

 No comments    1501   2017   Ableton   Advice   Music production

Hello, Daniel. I make music in Ableton Live running on a pretty old PC. I always have to freeze channels in order to save up some CPU resources, but it doesn’t work if I have a sidechain compressor on

 No comments    190   2016   Ableton   Advice   Music production

Recommended tutorials and courses Dear Daniel, one of these questions you’ve probably been asked a thousand times if not more

 2 comments    701   2016   Ableton   Advice   Music production

I’m new to Ableton (switched from Logic), and I’m looking for a way to pitch tuning down to 432 Hertz

 5 comments    9036   2016   Ableton   Advice   Music production

A question of choice for beginners I would like to try myself in music production, what software would you recommend?

 1 comment    318   2016   Ableton   Advice   Music production

Hi Daniel, can you advise how to make a pitch rise effect on a vocal? E. g. like in this video at 2:42, they call it the “dub delay”

 1 comment    3798   2015   Ableton   Advice   Music production   Sound design

People often asked me what setup I used in my recent gigs. Well, here is it

 No comments    30   2012   Ableton   Behind the scenes   DJing
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