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Getting started with Ableton Live

Recommended tutorials and courses

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Dear Daniel, one of these questions you’ve probably been asked a thousand times if not more... You inspire me to produce all the sounds I have in my mind, so I bought Live 9, and I’m at the step to start the learning journey of producing music with it. But I don’t know how to start :)

Is there a special tutorial about Live you would recommend me, or a good course on the web that for you is a must for whom is willing to learn in a proper and professional way with Live? Thank a million time, and also thank you for the hard professional work you share us with your music.

Nicolas Gateff

I appreciate your words Nicolas, and very pleased to be an inspiration for you to start music production. Congratulation on getting Ableton, this software is amazing.

Perhaps my advice may sound obvious, but I’d recommend starting off with Ableton Reference Manual. Unlike of other software manuals which are usually too complex and outdated, Ableton team did an amazing job on creating a full guide written in simple words, and what’s even more important — they keep it up-to-date with each new Ableton release.

That is the reason why I won’t do my own beginner’s guide on Ableton. I mean, these are the guys who’ve made this software in the first place, they know it better than anyone else! This manual is enough to get started, everything else is just a matter of practice and experience that you’ll gain throughout the learning.

Although, I’ll be glad to help with some more specific issues, for example, stuff like creating a pitch rising effect.

Ableton Reference Manual on covers all aspects from the ground up

However, if you want someone to teach you or just prefer to watch rather than read, there are several schools, courses, and tutors which I would recommend. Their programs vary a lot, but all of these are trustworthy names. You can choose any up to your budget and needs.

Online schools

Video courses

Free YouTube tutorials

Maybe our dear readers would recommend more tutorials and ways to learn Ableton in the comments below?

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F1END 2019

The Sadowick course is good, that’s where I started when I got Live.

If you don’t have money to spend on it (like me), another good series is: Ableton Total Noob Tutorials by Serge Rybak

Also, check out Tom Cosm’s channel. Particularly good if you plan on using Live in a live situation.

John Smith 2019

You explain very nice about Ableton.
Yes, it is very useful for a music artist.

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