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My thoughts on what a DJ actually does, what is the main purpose of a DJ, and what tools a DJ use to achieve that task.

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“Please explain the theory ((/blog/all/energy-mixing/ about energy levels)). Why lower it, and when? And when to raise it? How do you know it doesn’t work because it’s boring and needs to be more exciting or because everyone is tired and needs to be calm?”. A question from Ilya Birman

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The opening DJ is one of the most underrated roles in the club event format. But who are these “opening” DJs? What they should be doing and what things they must avoid? Watch the video about it.

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What does releasing music really do? How much income can be earned from a track on a big curated playlist? What should one expect when signing a track to a label? All of this I’’m talking about in a new video

What to use, how to connect, set up and process in order to get a high-quality DJ set recorded live with crowd noise.

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Another nice little thing about the advice section that few people will appreciate (and that’s OK)

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Finally, the advice series got its own separate section on the site.

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“Can I use any tracks I like for my podcast without changing them? Say, download them from the internet, mix them up, and put them on Apple Podcasts? Do I need permission from each label and artist?”. A question from Aiya

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Two important techniques in DJing that might help you to control the energy level of the set and the dynamics of the dance floor.

 1 comment    3630   2021   Advice   DJing

“Tell me how you organize the process of listening to music: demos coming to the label and just new releases in different genres. Do you listen on the speakers or on headphones? How do you manage to stay focused on the music to listen to all the tracks thoroughly?”. Answering the questions from Nikolay Glazyrin

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