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What setup I use

This post originally appeared on my Facebook page. Watch also my 2017 Ableton setup (vlog)

People often asked me what setup I used in my recent gigs. Well, here is it.

So, I’m using 8-10 channels. First three audio channels – main tracks for mixing. Channel #4 I’m using for mashups (melodies, voice etc). On this channel – sidechain-compressor which use kick pattern from another midi-channel to prevent kick overlay. Channels #5-6 with some hats and percussion loops.

On each on these channels – EQ-Eight with Hi-Pass filter. Then few midi-channels with VSTs – I’m using it for live versions of my own tracks, playing some melodies or modulate synths in real-time. Then Send/Return channels with various effects such as Reverb and Redux.

So all these effects send to other channels via return, except several effects such Beat Repeat. So all of these things and many more such scene select, play, pitch control, filter and more I controlling in real-time using midi-controller.

p.s. So, who said “performing using laptop easier than CDs”?

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