More than 1 000 000 plays on SoundCloud and 550 000 streams on Spotify

I make underground electronic music and release it under the name Daniel Lesden. It used to be Psytrance, now it’s Progressive and something rather Techno’ish.

Since 2012 I’ve released more than fifty tracks on respected underground record labels, including JOOF Recordings, Iono Music, Digital Om Productions. You can find more about my productions, creation processes and behind-the-scenes details on my blog.


Since 2011 I’ve been hosting a podcast where I play underground electronic music in a mixed format. It’s called the Rave Podcast.

Rave Podcast is broadcast on the second Friday of every month on DI.FM radio station and as a premiere on YouTube, then it becomes available on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify playlist, and Patreon (with no voice-overs, no jingles, and in the best audio quality, among other goodies). All episodes and tracklists are also available on the blog.

DJ sets

Guest mixes

Sometimes other DJs, promoters or radio stations invite me to record mixes for their podcasts, events and programs.

So, over the years I’ve recorded almost fifty guest mixes for such occasions, among them are John Fleming’s JOOF Radio show, the mix for Luminosity festival, Prostranstvo on Megapolis FM, and more.

All guest mixes are available on Soundcloud, someday I’ll put them on YouTube as well. I also post tracklists and details on the blog.

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