Rave Podcast 140

The February podcast edition is already available on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify playlist, and Patreon (where it appears a week before the premiere).

This episode turns on to be quite Trancey, featuring four exclusive premieres from JOOF Recordings. Enjoy!


00:00 Joseph Dalik — Manipulated Structures (Shaun Mauren Remix) Naughty Pills Records
05:32 Dubiosity, Pjotr G — Scraping (Original Mix) Lateral Fragments
09:03 Airwave — Simply Deep And Dark (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
13:30 Rick Pier O’Neil — Dark Tribal (RPO Part 2) Garbage Records
16:27 Enrico Sangiuliano — Moon Rocks (Original Mix) Drumcode
20:54 Hollen — Mainstream (Original Mix) Glasgow Underground
23:57 Introversion — Dystopia (Original Mix) Arts
29:23 D&D, Kalden Bess — Heighten Altitude (DJ Jock Remix) Ground Factory Records
32:30 Ronnie Spiteri — Professional Diver (Original Mix) Kenja Records
34:58 Slam Duck — Troubled Times (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
40:24 Spektre — Decompression (Original Mix) Misfit Music
43:50 Coredata — Petrichor (Dulcet Remix) JOOF Recordings
48:45 Adam Beyer, Bart Skils — Your Mind (Charles D Epic Mix) Drumcode
53:41 Airwave — Guru Meditation (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings

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