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The Guest Mix @ JOOF Radio

It’s been a massive pleasure and honour to make a guest mix for John 00 Fleming’s radio show for the second time: six years ago in Global Trance Grooves (as it called back then), and now in JOOF Radio. I’m also flattered by all the good words John said about me during the show:

Full episode is on SoundCloud, the introduction speech starts at 1:01:31

Daniel Lesden is forward-thinking, he is always looking two steps ahead what’s going on in the world to be different, to push new boundaries. This mix showcases where he is at, where he is going, and it works with synergy with what he’s doing in the studio. What a super-talented artist!

For the guest mix, I selected my recently favourite dark tracks, many of which I have already successfully tested in my sets, as well as my fresh productions, some secret IDs, and mashups which I have recorded live on-the-fly.


00:00 Frank Arvonio — Resurreption (Original Mix) Selected Records
× Facade — Dystopia (Matt Hollidays Hypnotized Remix) JOOF Recordings
03:00 ID — ID Forescape Digital
× Airwave — Gaijin (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
09:31 Don Ruijgrok — Test (Original Mix) Driving Forces Digital Series
× Allaby — Nothing To Hide (Original Mix) JOOF Mantra
11:16 Donna-Marie — Invisible (Original Mix) Freegrant Music
13:46 Vlokken — Ranura (Eric Sneo Remix) Space Shuttle Recordings
17:25 Chus & Ceballos, Richie Santana — Low Frequencies (Drunken Kong Extended Remix) Stereo Productions
× Rex Mundi — Garden (Gai Barone Remix) Afterglow Records
20:29 Daniel Lesden — Binary Star (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
25:29 Monococ — Your Soul (Original Mix) Sonusfield
× John 00 Fleming — Finding Ganesha (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
29:23 Daniel Lesden — A Train Into Darkness (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
34:08 K-Hate, Roby M Rage — Floating (Original Mix) Dreizehn Schallplatten
× Shaun Mauren — My Dream (Eric Sneo Remix) Naked Lunch
36:37 R3cycle, Sauze — Sick! (Original Mix) Sol Music
40:50 ID — ID JOOF Recordings
42:55 Spektre — Parabolica (Original Club Mix) Toolroom Records
45:24 Alex Opteck — Others (Original Mix) Selected Records
× Eric Prydz — Oddity (Original Mix) Pryda Recordings
47:52 Alex Stein — Had Matter (Original Mix) Terminal M
51:34 ID — ID TBA
57:28 Satinka — The Way Of The Ancients (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings

All of my guest mixes are available on SoundCloud, some of them are on YouTube as well. Listen and watch:

SoundCloud YouTube
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