Rave Podcast 143

The May podcast edition is already available on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify playlist, and Patreon. This month’s show is all about deep, hypnotic atmospheric sound, so get ready to be hypnotised!


00:00 Anima Mundi — Mountain Night (Original Mix) On The 5th Day
03:46 Regal — From Other Sounds (Original Mix) Figure
05:39 Enlusion, Slavlotski — Inferno (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
11:14 Blazej Malinowski — At The End (Original Mix) Inner Tension
16:29 Pico Boulevard — Society (Nomas Remix) Forescape Digital
21:36 Basis Change — Metanoia (Original Mix) Affin
24:37 Sly Faux — Emerald Exchange (Original Mix) Mood
28:31 Kaiser Souzai — Raven LIfe ReDrug (Original Mix) Ballroom Black
33:14 Horizons — Stranded In Meroe (Extended Mix) Landscapes Music
40:08 Alua — Strom (Original Mix) Electronic Architecture
43:49 Alexander Kowalski — They Came At Night (Original Mix) Break New Soil Recordings
47:17 Takaaki Itoh — Receptor (Claudio PRC Remix) KR3 Records
49:41 Conrad Van Orton — Self Obsessed But Charmless (Original Mix) Planet Rhythm Records
51:35 Ryan Clover — Departure (Original Mix) Kneaded Pains
55:07 Cristian Varela — Star Dust (Cristian Varela Remix) Black Codes Experiments

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