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DJ set from Skazka Festival in February 2020

As being promised, here’s my recorded live set from Skazka Festival where I played last Saturday. I keep receiving a lot of heartfuls feedback from the people who were there on the dancefloor, so thank you again.

Enjoy this dark, groovy vibes:

0:00:00 Lazar — Alternate Machine (Original Mix) Le Club Records
0:04:10 Spektre — Carnival Of Souls (Original Mix) Respekt Recordings
0:08:11 Pablo Say — Attention (Original Mix) Codex Recordings
0:12:43 Adrian Oblanca, Carlos Perez — Grunge (Leo Lippolis Remix) Black Kat
0:17:46 Monococ — Endlessness (Original Mix) VapourTrail Records
0:22:35 Oliver Huntemann — Taktik (Alex Stein Remix) Senso Sounds
0:26:14 MVMB — Twilight (Album Version) IbogaTech
0:30:01 Hellomonkey, Hiboo — Ozora (Original Mix) I Am Different
0:33:33 Nineteen Sines — Keys (Original Mix) JOOF Mantra
0:37:34 Daniel Testas — Halcyon (AlBird Remix) Rezongar Music
0:41:41 Brennen Grey — Les Dieux (Original Mix) Respekt Recordings
0:47:25 Hellomonkey — Feel My Drums (Original Mix) Eclipse Records
0:51:55 Torsten Kanzler — Acid Head (Original Mix) Filth On Acid
0:55:56 Brennen Grey — In A Dream (Original Mix) Kraftek
0:59:41 Darmec — Quasar (Dario Sorano Remix) Hybrid Rec
1:03:41 Vlokken — Ranura (Eric Sneo Remix) Space Shuttle Recordings
1:07:39 Apropos — XTC (Original Mix) Reload Black Label
1:11:06 Caitlin — Freaks & Misfits (Victor Ruiz Remix) Electric Ballroom
1:17:09 Alex Stein — Blackbird (Original Mix) Tronic
1:21:12 Transcode — Genesis (Original Mix) Terminal M
1:24:57 Drunken Kong — Change (Original Mix) Terminal M
1:30:12 Who & Who — Dysphoria (Dino Maggiorana Remix) He-Art
1:32:32 Drunken Kong, Teenage Mutants — Mainz (Original Mix) Tronic
1:36:53 Spektre — What Once Was Lost (Original Mix) Kraftek
1:41:21 Durtysoxxx — Love (Original Mix) Funk N Deep Black
1:45:48 Anna, Miss Kittin — Forever Ravers (Original Mix) Kompakt Extra
1:49:24 Alex Raider, Leo Lippolis — Cryptic (Original Mix) Kaleydo Beats
1:52:38 Alex Stein — Rebirth (Original Mix) Terminal M
1:56:06 Sian — Concentrate (Original Mix) Octopus Records

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Under the stage name Daniel Lesden I perform as a DJ in clubs, open-air events, festivals in Russia and internationally. If you want to book me for your event, please get in touch.

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