Rave Podcast 145

The Rave Podcast is back and is now available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Patreon. I’m really enjoying such a deep, heads-down, groovy sound now, and I hope you’ll like it too. Enjoy!


00:00 Roby M Rage — A Quiet War (Original Mix) Oscillator Music
06:15 Ness — Flesh Of The Gods (Original Mix) Navigare Audio
10:37 Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy — Eternal (Original Mix) Dynamic Reflection
14:28 Sigvard — Catalyst 04 (Original Mix) Nebulon
16:56 Incolumis — Angelic (Re-Master) JOOF Recordings
22:52 Luis Weyers — Treibsand (Original Mix) Drehmoment
26:46 Svarog — Urbanism (Angelo Stasi & ØTi Remix) Selected Records
29:49 Obscure Shape, Shdw — Geburt Der Erde (Original Mix) From Another
33:29 Ferdinger — St. Nimmerlein (Original Mix) Life In Patterns
37:21 Elad Magdasi, Ferdinger — You Are Not Alone (Original Mix) Front Left Records
40:04 Rove Ranger — Millennial Millenium (Original Mix) Lobster Theremin
44:28 Anne — Off Grid (Original Mix) Soma Records
47:10 Schacke — Met Her At The Herrensauna (DJ Ibon’s Club Mix) Interstate
50:04 Yes Stanley — Oral-B (Original Mix) Peace Tomorrow
52:50 Regent — Coral Knife (Original Mix) Mutual Rytm
55:55 Regent — Quartz (Original Mix) Arts

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Since 2011, I have been hosting a monthly radio show titled Rave Podcast, where I unveil my latest discoveries and finest selection from the world of underground electronic music.

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