Rave Podcast 132

The December edition of the podcast is already available on Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, and Patreon.

The last episode of this year features some of the deepest and most hypnotic tracks, a heads-down journey of lush pads and pounding beats. Enjoy!


00:00 Seraphim Rytm — Sumaritma (Edit Select Remix) Edit Select
05:06 Joachim Spieth, Reggy van Oers — Undulatus Asperatus (Original Mix) Affin
07:55 Svarog — FF3 (Original Mix) Edit Select
10:45 Hedustma – Existence (Original Mix) Iono Music
13:33 Procombo — Freedom (Pig&Dan Remix) RX Recordings
16:34 Frankyeffe — My Beat (Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy Remix) Riot Recordings
20:52 Alberto Ruiz, Pig&Dan — Detroit (Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy Remix) Selected Records
23:54 Monika Kruse, Pig&Dan — Soulstice (Alberto Ruiz 80 Monster Remix) Terminal M
27:56 Simone Tavazzi — Xenon (Original Mix) Stige
30:57 Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy — The Hum (Dimitri Motofunk & George Libe Remix) Remain Records
35:29 Eric Sneo — Loaded Dice (Original Mix) Tronic
38:59 Klanglos, Terra4Beat — Set Me Free (Shaun Mauren Remix) Oxytech Records
42:15 Tom Laws — Crazy (Spartaque Remix) Loose Records
45:30 Eric Sneo — Mine (2021 Remastered) Remain Records
49:38 Arnaud Le Texier — Push (Joachim Spieth Remix) Children Of Tomorrow
53:37 Don Ruijgrok — Melt (Original Mix) Driving Forces Digital Series
55:30 Joris Voorn — The Navigator (Original Mix) Spectrum

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