Rave Podcast 134

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For years I’ve been known as a very diverse DJ, playing from some of the deepest music up to fast, pounding, banging tracks. And it’s always quite challenging to showcase all of my musical taste in a single mix or even a gig, for example when my set is in the peak time in the middle of the event, I just can’t play some slower tunes because usually it’s a duty of a warm-up DJ, but I just love doing both: playing deep and pounding, and especially making progression between the two.

So, today I’d like to give a try to do exactly that, hence why I’ve recorded an extended, two-hour mix. It’s still just a glimpse of my taste, obviously two hours isn’t that much, and I would probably need at least a 6-hour set to fit all my recent musical findings, but anyway :-) Enjoy!


0:00:00 Cream — Gaia (Original Mix) Perspectives Digital
0:04:09 Joseph Ray — Room 1.5 (Original Mix) Anjunadeep
0:09:03 John 00 Fleming — Chemical Equilibrium (Wes Straub Remix) JOOF Aura
0:14:12 Enlusion — Crystaldee (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix) Forescape Digital
0:19:06 Sasha Carassi — Phorme (Original Mix) Phobiq
0:22:40 Paul Thomas — Helios (Extended Mix) FSOE UV
0:26:46 Vibrasphere — Purple (Peter Gun & DJ Slater Remix) Tribal Vision
0:31:53 Mike Koglin, Moodfreak, Sudhaus — Octagon (Original Mix) Monstercat Silk
0:35:42 Donna-Marie — Invisible (Original Mix) Freegrant Music
0:39:46 Dosem — Chosen (Original Mix) Anjunadeep
0:45:03 Wehbba — Catarse (Original Mix) Drumcode
0:48:11 Pig&Dan — On The Way To Holland (Uakoz Remix) Elevate
0:51:58 Dulcet — Subside (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
0:55:28 Spektre — Decompression (Original Mix) Misfit Music
0:58:29 Pig&Dan — Existence (Original Mix) Elevate
1:02:41 Incolumis — Inactif (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
1:05:05 Paragliders — Infra Rouge (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
1:06:32 Amotik — Barah (Original Mix) Amotik
1:12:14 Drunken Kong — Phase One (Original Mix) Tronic
1:14:31 Dax J — Sin And Salvation (Original Mix) Monnom Black
1:18:33 Lifka — Kodachrome (Original Mix) Space Trax
1:21:45 Coyu — Losdosmil (Original Mix) Suara Records
1:23:59 Coyu — Let Us Have Fun (Original Mix) Suara Records
1:26:47 S2Por — Make Me Feel (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
1:29:19 Thomas Heckmann — Provide The Future (Dax J Remix) Monnom Black
1:32:06 Psychosonic — Now Or Never (Original Mix) Jotown Records
1:36:22 Eric Sneo — Holon (2021 Remastered) Beatdisaster
1:39:47 Omformer — Mercury (Original Mix) Space Trax
1:44:16 Blicz — Catharsis (Original Mix) Taapion
1:48:29 Ferdinger — Hindsight (Original Mix) Arts
1:50:23 Tiarnola — Isengard Unleashed (Original Mix) Normative
1:55:16 Lifeforms — Velvet (Original Mix) Iboga Records
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