6-hour DJ set from Open To Close @ Guru Bar, 25.01.2020

Wow, Open To Close last Saturday was on fire!

I feel very grateful for being able to play the music I love and get such an amazing response from the crowd for every track and twist I played during this 6-hour set. Thank you everyone for your support, dances, and smiles. Also, a massive thanks to Rave People team for making it happen.

For those who weren’t able to join us that night, here’s my full 6-hour set available on SoundCloud to stream and download. Enjoy!

0:00:00 Matter, Universal Harmonics — Re Entry (Original Mix) Particles
0:06:20 Golan Zocher, Mila — Shush (Alex O’Rion Deep Dub Mix) Clubsonica Records
0:10:01 Anton Maiko — Luna (Original Mix) Deepersense Music
0:14:44 Sealine, Stereo Underground — Flashes (Gai Barone Remix) FSOE UV
0:18:56 Matter — Indica (Original Mix) Replug
0:24:09 Dosem — All Locations (Original Mix) Anjunadeep
0:27:48 Collective States — Azumi (Original Mix) Selador
0:30:57 Chris Sterio — Zen (Matter Remix) Balkan Connection
0:35:37 D-Nox, Kalil — Stingray (Paul Thomas & White-Akre Remix) FSOE UV
0:40:18 Daniel Lesden — Breaking From The Shadows (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
0:44:58 ID — ID JOOF Recordings
0:50:55 Andre VII, Jaaw — 303XX (Original Mix) Sincopat
0:55:34 Andromedha — Perpetuum (Original Mix) JOOF Aura
0:59:10 Rick Pier O’Neil — Tys (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
1:02:00 Cyan Aura — Distortion (Original Mix) IbogaTech
1:06:38 Dosem — Evidence (Original Mix) Truesoul
1:08:41 Pete K, Walden — Gotten (Extended Mix) Release Deep
1:12:48 Monococ — Dark Warrior (Original Mix) Cerebro
1:15:25 Nosh & SJ — 17.17 (Ziger Remix) Eat My Hat Music
1:20:02 Emok, MVMB — Pathfinders (Original Mix) IbogaTech
1:24:39 Ettica — The Serenity (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
1:28:25 Mr Bizz — Big Clean (Spektre Remix) Natura Viva
1:32:39 Marco Bailey, Tom Hades — Bonistia (Original Club Mix) Toolroom Records
1:37:00 Andre Sobota — Lost Cause (Original Mix) Zerothree
1:42:22 Damian Mazzeo — Recollections (Subandrio Remix) Massive Harmony Records
1:46:59 Draso — Strum (Cid Inc Remix) Wide Angle Recordings
1:52:21 Fuenka — Sirius (Original Mix) FSOE UV
1:56:58 Dylhen — Genesis (Extended Mix) FSOE UV
2:01:33 Estiva — The Maze (Extended Mix) Statement Records
2:07:32 Grum — U (Original Mix) Anjunabeats
2:10:35 Dulcet — Truffle Hustle (Original Mix) Techburst Records
2:14:39 Relaunch — Night Train (Techno Edit) Bonzai
2:18:58 Sohn — The Wheel (F-Act Bootleg)
2:24:07 Union Jack — Cactus (Jonno Brien Remix) Platipus Records
2:27:54 Ronnie Spiteri — Rough Rider (Original Mix) Tronic
2:32:10 Monococ — Tornado Road (Original Mix) VapourTrail Records
2:36:56 Andrea Frisina, Slackers Project & Pirania — Wave Of Madness (Alex Di Stefano Remix) Gate Null Recordings
2:41:27 NHB, Sisko Electrofanatik — My Black Line (Original Mix) Binary404
2:45:26 Umek — Ravaged (Original Mix) 1605
2:49:42 Bakke, Gaudium — Misophonia (Original Mix) Iboga Records
2:54:26 Hollen, Mr Bizz — Parthenope (Original Mix) Prospekt Records
2:58:04 Heerhorst — I Feel It (Original Mix) Redrum Music
3:03:04 Durante, Enamour — Taos Hum (Original Mix) This Never Happened
3:07:06 ID — ID JOOF Recordings
3:10:06 Airwave, Phi Phi — A Breeze On the Nile (Philthy Chit & Superlifter Remix) Bonzai
3:15:06 Enamour — Catalyst (Extended Mix) Zerothree
3:18:21 Andy Ling — Fixation (Relaunch Remix) Lost Language
3:22:21 Rolo Green — Music Saved Me (Extended Mix) mau5trap
3:26:21 Rodg — Tell On Me (Extended Mix) Zerothree
3:30:26 Kalden Bess — Cold (Original Mix) Phobiq
3:33:42 Anza Off, Sopik — Air Force (I’Gor Remix) JOOF Recordings
3:39:12 Tkno — Nameless Point (Original Mix) Selected Records
3:42:26 Roel Salemink — My Body Is My Temple (Nakadia Remix) Intec
3:45:27 Spartaque — Making Sense (Original Mix) Codex Recordings
3:48:56 Loco & Jam — Cell Structure (Original Mix) Octopus Records
3:52:11 Kaiser Souzai — Zug Der Liebe (Fifteen Bullets Rehab) Ballroom Records
3:55:42 Desna, Metodi Hristov — Call If Found (Original Mix) Set About
4:00:09 Dino Maggiorana, Sisko Electrofanatik — Desolate (Original Mix) AnalyticTrail
4:05:48 In Verruf — Too Much DMT (Original Mix) R Label Group
4:10:03 Christian Cambas — Drop Out (Original Mix) Autektone Records
4:14:29 Jay Lumen — Razor (Original Mix) Drumcode
4:18:55 Spektre — Opus (Original Club Mix) Toolroom Records
4:23:21 Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy — Tasio 25 (Original Mix) Selected Records
4:26:03 Tom Laws — Crazy (Spartaque Remix) Loose Records
4:30:15 Drunken Kong — A New Light (Original Mix) Tronic
4:34:55 Dok & Martin — Synthetic (Original Mix) VapourTrail Records
4:39:21 Leo Lippolis — Drone (Original Mix) Throne Room Records
4:44:31 K-Hate, Roby M Rage — Floating (Original Mix) Dreizehn Schallplatten
4:46:00 Shaun Mauren — My Dream (Eric Sneo Remix) Naked Lunch
4:49:08 Rudosa — Behind The Lens (Original Mix) Underground Audio
4:54:03 Bruno Aguirre — Alarming Situation (Original Mix) AnalyticTrail
4:58:00 Carara, Kreisel — Model CK89 (Original Mix) VapourTrail Records
5:02:55 Klangkuenstler — Supernova (Original Mix) Outworld
5:07:36 Mycer — Das Tier (Heerhorst Remix) Not Equal Records
5:11:02 Gary Burrows — Programme Of Control (Tom Laws Remix) Eclipse Records
5:14:48 Jens Lissat — Brothers on Acid & Sisters in Love (Original Mix) Studio3000 Records
5:18:29 Darmec — Oxygenic (Original Mix) Eclipse Records
5:22:55 Don Ruijgrok — Awake (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
5:24:34 Beico & Mt93 — Kosmos (Original Mix) Suara Records
5:30:07 Transcode — Eternal Gateway (Original Mix) Prospekt Records
5:35:00 DJ Ralph — Bobun The Drum (Cosmonaut Remix) 852 Recordings
5:37:56 Cj Bolland, The Advent — Camargue 2019 (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix) Drumcode
5:42:49 Nineteen Sines — Keys (Original Mix) JOOF Mantra
5:46:46 Brennen Grey — Les Dieux (Original Mix) Respekt Recordings
5:49:22 Awex — It’s Our Future (Asys Alternative Acid Remix) Plastic City
5:53:55 John 00 Fleming — Healing (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings

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