Rave Podcast 141

The March podcast edition is already available on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify playlist, and Patreon (where it appears a week before the premiere).

Enjoy this month’s selection with deep trance tunes blended with dark and pounding tech-house grooves. Music from Jamie Baggotts, Elias Erium, Hollen, Harvey McKay, Sasha Carassi, Alberto Ruiz, Jordan Gill, RNX, Second Sine, and more.


00:00 Jamie Baggotts — Found (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
05:54 Optimuss — Barbados (Extended Mix) Toolroom Trax
10:00 Blake Walker — The Highlands (Elias Erium Remix) Forescape Digital
14:04 Hollen — Kalypso (Original Mix) Deeperfect
18:01 Harvey McKay — Borderline (Original Mix) Break New Soil Recordings
20:02 Gayle San — Bad Bitch (Sasha Carassi Remix) GSR
22:50 Division One — Try To Live (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
27:09 Anthony Castaldo — Black Queen (Alberto Ruiz Remix) Stickrecordings
30:12 Jordan Gill, Orgymu5ik — Qalea (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
35:01 Armystrial — No Limit (Axel Karakasis Remix) DSR Digital
37:34 Alberto Ruiz, Oscar Aguilera — Infernal Posion (Original Mix) Bitten
41:22 RNX — Molecules (Original Mix) Pure Trance
44:25 Slow-Down — Layang Layang (F-Act Remix) Limeroads
48:29 Second Sine — The Dream (Original Mix) Phenomena
52:17 Rick Pier O Neil — Substance (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
55:35 Keistep — Unfeeling (Original Mix) Uxoa Dutxa Elite
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