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Tag: Breaking From The Shadows

A new single on JOOF Recordings My long-awaited single is out today on JOOF Recordings. This is certainly a milestone for me, a new step into a ​fresh direction

 No comments    157   2019   Breaking From The Shadows   JOOF Recordings   Progressive House   Progressive Trance   Releases   Singles and EPs

Amazing early support of my upcoming single ‘Breaking From The Shadows’ from John 00 Fleming who took over the whole FSOE Radio 607 with Aly & Fila yesterday ahead of his performance at Tomorrowland

 No comments    32   2019   Breaking From The Shadows

Excited to share a preview of my upcoming single — Breaking From The Shadows (Original Mix). It’s my first track after I’ve changed my musical direction

 No comments    99   2019   Breaking From The Shadows

So, that’s about it. I just finished a new track, and it’s just awesome. A 123-BPM dark driving Progressive with melodic elements

 No comments    37   2019   Breaking From The Shadows   Teaser
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