Rave Podcast 146

The December edition of Rave Podcast was broadcast on Digitally Imported radio and is available now on SoundCloud (and YouTube to catch up soon too), while subscribers on Patreon enjoyed exclusive early access one week before. Individual tracks are also available on the Spotify playlist, and you can find links to all platforms below.

This episode starts deep and hypnotising but gets almost uplifting closer towards the end. Expect both fresh and old (but still gold) tracks from Ambeam, Marco Bailey, Hedustma, 27Club, Ectima, John 00 Fleming, Tom Hades, Alan Backdrop, Maike Depas, GiGi FM, Axel Karakasis, Deco 5000, Quinnbond, Dynamic Forces, Ferdinger, Introversion, and Chris Flannigan.


00:00 Ambeam — Mindfield (Original Mix) Mistique Music
05:54 Marco Bailey — Nocturno (Original Mix) Materia
08:59 Hedustma — Flotar (Original Mix) Ovnimoon Records
14:04 27Club — Celebutante (Original Mix) Domino FX
18:11 Ectima — Taken (Original Mix) TesseracTstudio
21:20 John 00 Fleming — Finding Ganesha (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
27:18 Marco Bailey, Tom Hades — Nebula (Original Mix) Fundaments LTD
29:39 Alan Backdrop — Liaq (Original Mix) Positivesource
33:47 Maike Depas — Midnight Ride (Original Mix) The Innovation Studio
37:27 GiGi FM — Spazio Teletrasporto (Original Mix) Sea~rene
41:07 Axel Karakasis — Distaste (Original Mix) Remain Records
44:44 Deco 5000 — In Europe (Original Mix) Mhost Likely
47:40 Quinnbond — Der Eisendrache (Original Mix) Rave Your Soul
51:03 Dynamic Forces — Mutaform (Original Mix) Be As One
53:45 Ferdinger, Introversion — Air France (Original Mix) Life In Patterns
56:12 Chris Flannigan — First To Say Goodbye (Original Mix) DifferentSound

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