Dark Entity (Hypnotic Mix) is out now

An ever darker version of my collaboration with Enlusion

Some interesting backstory. In 2021, Enlusion and I collaborated to create ‘Dark Entity’. While the original mix was a heavy-hitting dancefloor banger, I also wanted to have a more stripped-down version and that is how we made the ‘Heads-down Mix’.

Fast-forward to 2024, upon relistening to those versions I realised that I want something even more heads-down, more... hypnotic. So I sent a message to Kirill, and our dialogue went something like that:

— me: Let’s get rid of those acids, BXR-style snares and other extra sounds?
— Kirill: Hmm okay. But we’re going to add new melodies and a new bassline then, right?... Right?
— me: 😎

So there you go guys, Dark Entity (Hypnotic Mix) is out now, and Kirill is probably still mad that we didn’t add five more layers of extra melodies!


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