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🇬🇧 London, 25 August 2023 I’m excited to be playing in London again and absolutely honoured to be a part of this massive event hosted by Tribal Village × Dance

In the music industry, drinking is considered the norm among professionals. Here is what I think about it and what my touring rider includes.

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A quite an intense trancey set with the tempo ramping from 128 to 140 BPM

🇬🇧 London, 3 December 2022 I am thrilled to announce that on 3rd December I’ll be playing at Dance

My DJ set, recorded at the summer outdoor edition of Skazka Festival, is now available for listening

🇷🇺 Moscow, October 1, 2022

🇷🇺 August 11–14, 2022 I’m happy to announce that I will be performing at Skazka Festival in August

A screenshot of my Spotify playlists contains a hint of this year’s plans. Watch this space 👀🤫

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A recording of my set from the Green Beach Open Air where I played on Sunday afternoon.

Here is the complete timetable for tomorrow

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