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Tag: JOOF Recordings

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I’ve put together a Spotify playlist of my favourite tracks from JOOF Recordings, a record label founded by John ‘00’ Fleming, from 1999 to the present day — over 456 tracks

 No comments    129   8 mo   JOOF Recordings   my playlists   Spotify

Another experiment that blurs the boundaries of musical genres.

 No comments    191   8 mo   A Train Into Darkness   JOOF Recordings   Releases   Singles and EPs   Tech House   Techno   Trance

A new single on JOOF Recordings.

 No comments    771   11 mo   Binary Star   JOOF Recordings   Releases   Singles and EPs   Techno   Trance

A new single on JOOF Recordings My long-awaited single is out today on JOOF Recordings. This is certainly a milestone for me, a new step into a ​fresh direction

“Please tell us about your duties in the position you have at the label: is your pay fixed, do you get paid a lot, how do you combine it with other things and how do you do it remotely...

 No comments    2   2018   I am   JOOF Recordings   Music industry   Record labels

A new single in two parts · JOOF Recordings

 No comments    97   2016   JOOF Recordings   Psytrance   Releases   Singles and EPs   Surreal   Techno   Trance

A new single · JOOF Mantra Our next single comes from Russia’s Daniel Lesden. After his enormous collaboration with Cosmithex comes Enuma Elish

 No comments    102   2015   Enuma Elish   JOOF Recordings   Psytrance   Releases   Singles and EPs

A collaboration with Cosmithex · JOOF Mantra

 No comments    53   2015   Collaborations   Genesis   JOOF Recordings   Psytrance   Releases   Remix

A new EP · JOOF Recordings The rising star of JOOF Recordings Daniel Lesden has made quite an impact in his short time here, but enough to be having support by many A list DJ’s

A new EP · JOOF Recordings This EP is unique in many ways. “Mirai” is a morning Trance with an amazing live flute from Spinney Lainey, and “Out Of This World” — one of my the favourites fracks

 No comments    61   2014   Collaborations   JOOF Recordings   Mirai   Psytrance   Releases   Trance
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