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What does releasing music really do? How much income can be earned from a track on a big curated playlist? What should one expect when signing a track to a label? All of this I’’m talking about in a new video

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What are those and should you follow them? Let’s find out.

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“What are the pros and cons of releasing a track directly through a distributor, without a label? What are the pitfalls of this process?”

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“Please tell us about your duties in the position you have at the label: is your pay fixed, do you get paid a lot, how do you combine it with other things and how do you do it remotely...

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From the first-hand experience Hi Daniel, since you work as an A&R I hope you can answer my questions

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And how to increase chances for a response Hi Daniel, as far as I know you are an A&R at JOOF. Can you share some insights on sending demo, how to increase chances for reply...

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