Can we drop social media?

Back in the late 90s and early-mid 00s, there were websites, emails, and blogs that you could read directly on the site or by using RSS. That’s basically how content distribution worked. You’ve put something on the web, and people read it if and when they want.

Today, the majority of content seems to be in social media, and no surprise since Facebook alone has almost 3 billion active monthly users. So it seems natural that many of public figures, music producers and DJs included, focus their energy and post everything here.

But, to be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of social media. The fact that the content you work hard for is owned and controlled by some companies and algorithms is worrying, to say the least. I’m fortunate to have certain skills allowing me to run my own blog where all my content is safe from those corporates, but still, there are just too many things I don’t like in social media: from censorship to selling users’ data. Frankly, to me, social media seems to be less and less ethical to use.

That makes me think about whether I should use social media for my public communication at all. I mean, I don’t like doing so, but do I have to? For music producers and DJs, the audience is the most valuable asset, any marketer can tell you that. But should we really rely on social media to gather people to let them know about our work?

I wonder what you guys think about a sort of ”web 1.0” with plain and simple RSS feeds and emails instead of Facebook, Instagram etc.? Would you still follow the artists you like in such a way? Or is there no way to get around without social media for artists?

I totally get that other people might have different opinions on that, so I’m curious to hear yours.

P.S. Added a few hours later.

Ironically, this post I’ve put on Facebook got more engagement than any of my typical posts. I’ll just add a link here for archiving purpose.

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Ivan Chaplinskiy 2021

Came here (via RSS, btw) in hope to read “yes we can” with a little explanation of “why we can” – but you’ve got here only those freaking closing smm-questions. Which do their work, nevertheless:)

So, behold: NO WE CAN NOT. At least not today. And, bearing in mind that the situation becomes only worse, I’m afraid we’ll have to deal with those folks for quite a long time.

Looks pretty obvious, sorry🤷‍♂️

Daniel Sokolovskiy 2021

via RSS, btw

Thumbs up!

in hope to read “yes we can” with a little explanation of “why we can”

If I’d answer it myself, I wouldn’t put a question mark in the title :-)

you’ve got here only those freaking closing smm-questions

It’s not a typical ”engagement” smm-post, I’m genue curious what people think on this.

So, behold: NO WE CAN NOT


P.S. Just out of curiosity, why you read my blog in English and not the Russian one? :-)

Ivan Chaplinskiy 2021

Generally because who controls the audience, controls the Galaxy:) Although I do like standalones, too. But we are the minority nowadays. HINT: since we’re the minority, lets claim some rights! I think we’ve got some chances to succeed if we choose this slippery slope.

why you read my blog in English
I’m quite a rigid person:) the English one was the first of your blogs I’ve subscribed to.

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