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In 2020, John 00 Fleming gave an interview with the Finish More Music YouTube channel, and I wrote out some interesting parts from it.

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Daniel Ek, co-founder and CEO of Spotify, gave an interview a few days ago and said the following

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John 00 Fleming reminds you: I’ll be playing in London in less than a few weeks...

Matthias Sperlich, also known as Dj Cubixx and the head of Iono Music, gave an interview to Mushroom Magazine talking about his love of the Psychedelic Trance and about the music industry

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Livestream highlights The live stream’s banner

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I’m going to put here some quotes, and try to guess what I’m talking about

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This is brilliant. Today, Laidback Luke uploaded a new vlog episode where he is telling about ripping of tracks on SoundCloud

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Ace Ventura gave an interview to a South African-based Psytrance portal Psymedia.co.za, and here’s what he said about social media

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Video summary and highlights A few weeks ago, Futurephonic hosted a live Facebook video featuring two awesome guests

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Do you remember my advice “The truth about music sales”, posted last year? Yesterday John Dopping from Research & Development posted his opinion on that

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