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“Can I use any tracks I like for my podcast without changing them? Say, download them from the internet, mix them up, and put them on Apple Podcasts? Do I need permission from each label and artist?”. A question from Aiya

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Soundcloud congratulated me on verifying my profile with a fancy blue checkmark. I have no idea what it is for, but I’ll let it be...

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I just opened my Soundcloud and there is such a beautiful number today, so I wanted to take a screenshot

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Do you remember Apple Music for artists that I’ve written about a few days ago? Turns out, there is something useful, and I’d like to share my observations

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Soundcloud has blocked my own track, again

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Today I tried to upload my guest mix recently aired on Tenzi FM to Soundcloud, and that is what I’ve got

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Alert: SoundCloud revising their pricing policy and now premium account will cost €9/month instead of €59/month

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Finally got my beta to the new SoundCloud and it looks awesome

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It’s satisfying to see that my SoundCloud profile starts to grow a little bit and now has 8000 total plays

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