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Tag: SoundCloud

Soundcloud congratulated me on verifying my profile with a fancy blue checkmark. I have no idea what it is for, but I’ll let it be...

 No comments    73   10 mo   SoundCloud

I just opened my Soundcloud and there is such a beautiful number today, so I wanted to take a screenshot

 No comments    15   2020   SoundCloud

Do you remember Apple Music for artists that I’ve written about a few days ago? Turns out, there is something useful, and I’d like to share my observations

 No comments    48   2018   Apple Music   Behind the scenes   Marketing   SoundCloud

Soundcloud has blocked my own track, again

 No comments    17   2014   SoundCloud

Today I tried to upload my guest mix recently aired on Tenzi FM to Soundcloud, and that is what I’ve got

 No comments    34   2013   SoundCloud

Alert: SoundCloud revising their pricing policy and now premium account will cost €9/month instead of €59/month

 No comments    18   2013   SoundCloud

Finally got my beta to the new SoundCloud and it looks awesome

 No comments    10   2012   SoundCloud

It’s satisfying to see that my SoundCloud profile starts to grow a little bit and now has 8000 total plays

 No comments    11   2012   SoundCloud
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