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Advice series

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It is commonly believed that “there are more DJs than there are people”, “everyone is a DJ these days”, and that DJing is a very highly competitive market

 No comments    96   2019   Advice   Career   DJing   Etiquette

Organising playlists by energy levels, vibe, and flow

 13 comments    9028   2019   Advice   Behind the scenes   DJing   Pioneer   Rekordbox

Is there any point in playing music with a higher bitrate than 320kbps? Does it make a difference at all?

 1 comment    5936   2018   Advice   DJing

We just finished our track and I will be very appreciated if you can give a slight feedback

 No comments    39   2018   Advice   Feedback on your tracks   Music production

I mix using Traktor and a MIDI-controller, and often I play a track faster or slower than its original tempo...

 No comments    2223   2017   Advice   DJing

Hey Daniel, I hope you are doing well. I have a small question, maybe you can help me. I am attempting to get into the production side of things

 No comments    119   2017   Advice   Music production

What’s the difference, or why you probably use the wrong word

 1 comment    2219   2017   Advice   DJing   Music industry

How can I improve my mix and make the kick and bass sound clean?

 1 comment    258   2017   Advice   Mixing and mastering   Music production

How to emulate a typical psychedelic glitchy sound you hear in tracks from the artists like Imagine Mars, Tristan, Ajja, etc?...

 7 comments    943   2017   Advice   Music production   Sound design

Vlog pilot episode Many people find my humble advice blog useful and I’m happy to hear that. However, the number one request that I get asked all the time is to make videos

 No comments    64   2017   Ableton   Advice   Behind the scenes   DJing   Vlog
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