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“What are you going to play?”

When I announce a new show, sometimes people ask me in the comments or in private messages: “What are you going to play?” It’s an understandable question, considering the musical diversity of my DJ sets, mixes and podcasts, with tempos ranging from 120 to 150 BPM!

Short answer – I don’t know :-)

I don’t plan exactly which tracks and in what order I’m going to play, but usually go with the flow instead. I’ve talked a little bit about this before, for example in the post “How I organize my DJ playlists”.

That said, I have a sort of “wishlist” – a playlist where I throw in tracks I’d like to play at an upcoming event. It could be some hidden gems I recently dug in the depths of Beatport, or some hot promos I’ve recently received and now eager to give them a road test, or just some cool old tracks that seem appropriate to play at this particular event.

Typicaly there’s a lot more tracks on that wishlist than I need for a set. For example, I can put a hundred tracks on a playlist, even though I really only need about thirty tracks for a two-hour set. There were times when I played almost the entire set from my wishlist. And there were times when I played almost nothing from it, and that’s okay.

The key here is that it’s not a plan, but rather something like “it would be nice to drop some of these tracks”. Just my own feeling and educated guess, given the lineup, place, time.

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Since 2015, I’ve run an advice section giving my experience and answering readers’ questions on music production, DJing, performing, marketing, management, and other aspects of the music industry. The purpose of the series is to spread knowledge and cultivate professionalism in the music industry. The advice series works simply: you send me your questions, and I answer them with a blog post when I have something relevant to say. Send me your questions via the form.

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