Cleaned up my DJ collection

I made a big thing: I cleaned up my music collection, reducing the number of tracks from 11084 to 7559. Minus three and a half thousand tracks and about two hundred gigabytes. Some tracks I moved to some remote storage, and some tracks I deleted completely. This is the most ruthless music cleanup I’ve ever done.

The point is simple: to have in my media library only those tracks that I can and want to potentially play at gigs or at least on a podcast. All the tracks that I haven’t played once in years (and some I haven’t even really listened to) or that stopped resonating with me have gone down the drain. It seems logical that this is the only way it should be, but when you have been actively searching for new music everyday for over a decade, then as time passes, you inevitably end up with some morally outdated and non-working tracks in your collection.

The whole process took me almost two months. Phew!

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