Dream train

Sometimes, before the sleep, I read a book to my son. It begins with a train coming through the darkness:


As it should be – with a honking, roaring engine, clattering wheels, and a cloud of steam:

Wondrous sight!

I will not retell the entire book, and go straight to the finale (spoiler alert!): in fact, the train turns out to be a toy train, and everything that happened to it was in the boy’s dream.

It was just a dream. A book ”Steam Train, Dream Train” by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld

I liked this simple idea so much that I wanted to implement it in a track. To make something powerful, straightforward, in a sense even monotonous – like a train that goes on and on without stopping; but at the same time mysterious and atmospheric.

Perhaps some people have already guessed. The phrases the dreams, dream machine and we can fly from my track A Train Into Darkness are a direct reference to this book and a subtle hint that everything that happens in the track is also a dream:

That’s why the track is intentionally hypnotic and even a bit dreamy, that’s what I wanted to portray. However, it turned out that this track works well not only in dreams, but when you are awake too:

Playing ”A Train Into Darkness”. A fragment from my set at Skazka Rave

That’s how, unexpectedly, even for myself, a children’s book became the basis for a serious track.

The single “A Train Into Darkness” will be released next Monday, February 8, and is already available for pre-order on Beatport and presave on Spotify:

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