Interview for Rave People. Part 3

At the invitation of Rave People, I answered some more questions in a series of mini-interviews prior to Open To Close.

How do you prepare for an OTC? How do you physically withstand such marathons? Do you feel hungry during a performance?

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Part 3

The main preparation for my performances is to fill the music collection and prepare the tracks. I even have written a big article about preparing tracks. I consider the tracks building blocks for different situations on the dance floor, so I think about it in the following way: “So, what do I have from dark and drive for peak time? I’ve played this track before, so I won’t play it next time. Oh, this one’s cool! This one and that one would be good in the mix with it. So, what about the more melodic one, but with the same level of energy?». This way, I try to have enough material to build interesting sets on the go. Open To Close in this sense is a real test!

In my past Open To Close experience, playing a long set was not as difficult physically as I had imagined it would be. I often go to raves, so the body is prepared to dance all night long. And sometimes I also run, which adds to my endurance.

The main preparation for my performances is to fill the music collection and prepare the tracks

Of course, I’m getting hungry because I arrive at least a few hours before the set and in total, I’m spending good ten hours at the venue. That’s why I have such a big backpack – I carry delicious things in it :-).

January, 25, Guru Bar. More info.

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