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New studio!

Not only my new single Binary Star is out this week, but I also have another great news: I have finally finished a new studio!

There is a lot of work yet to come, right now it’s basically an empty room with minimum acoustic treatment, but most importantly the room itself has been built with music production in mind so I finally have a dedicated space for my little music experiments. So excited about it!

Here are a few pictures I took over the last months to highlight the construction progression:

The result so far November 2019, the beginning: bare concrete with no electricity or anything. Not even the walls June 2020. Because of the More June. We installed electricity, installed soundproofing, levelled the floor, built a niche for the heater under the window, put heat insulation and soundproofing under the ceiling July. We plastered and levelled the walls, installed a window sill, installed outlets — a total of 20 sockets in the room. The outlets designed for monitor speakers are powered by special acoustic cables August. Installed finishing flooring materials (LVT), painted the walls, finished electric, hung a suspended ceiling, installed light fixtures October, the final. Moved things and set up a minimal viable workspace All stages in one picture

And don’t forget to check out Binary Star which is out now on JOOF Recordings and available on Beatport and Spotify.

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