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In my younger years, I firmly believed that my achievements were solely the result of my sheer effort and willpower. My perspective has since evolved.

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Where to start, what to write about, and why you shouldn’t blog on social networks.

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A short behind the scenes story of on Binary Star.

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Some thoughts on how to learn using a reference track but not ending up like a someone’s clone

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Hey Daniel, thanks for your blog. I’m an up-and-coming producer, and I would like to ask your advice on how to start working with high-grade producers?

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Hi Daniel, do you have any advice on working a job from 9-6 every day then re-energising for producing when you get home?

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Or how to overcome writer’s block Please tell us more about «out of comfort zone» technique you mentioned in one of your previous posts

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“I keep getting stuck in drafts and can’t finish tracks. Do you have some tips on how to finish tracks?”. A question from Simon Stone

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Having a full-time job, study, and family Daniel, please advise. I study, have a full-time job, and have family duties

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Meantime I look at the other producers, and they have that real success, tours etc. I feel jealous, and realizing the fact that I’m jealous makes me feel even worse

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