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Tag: Personal development

Some thoughts on how to learn using a reference track but not ending up like a someone’s clone

 4 comments    93   2017   Advice   Personal development

Hey Daniel, thanks for your blog. I’m an up-and-coming producer, and I would like to ask your advice on how to start working with high-grade producers?

 No comments    48   2016   Advice   Career   Personal development

Hi Daniel, do you have any advice on working a job from 9-6 every day then re-energising for producing when you get home?

 1 comment    283   2016   Advice   Personal development

Or how to overcome writer’s block Please tell us more about «out of comfort zone» technique you mentioned in one of your previous posts

 No comments    76   2016   Advice   Personal development

When you get stuck and about to give up I keep getting stuck in drafts and can’t finish tracks. I do some basic arrangement, then I do some tweaks over and over again

 3 comments    1369   2016   Advice   Music production   Personal development

Having a full-time job, study, and family Daniel, please advise. I study, have a full-time job, and have family duties

 No comments    116   2016   Advice   Personal development

Meantime I look at the other producers, and they have that real success, tours etc. I feel jealous, and realizing the fact that I’m jealous makes me feel even worse

 No comments    95   2015   Advice   Personal development
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