Thoughts on the JOOF Showcase lineup

A couple of thoughts about the JOOF Showcase lineup on August 10, but first a little backstory about how I came up with it.

I’ve had the privilege of playing at the Dance:Love:Hub parties in London twice, and each time I’ve been amazed at how cleverly the lineup was chosen: the artists themselves and the order of their performances. The organizer, Emma, was very thorough in arranging the lineup so that each artist’s set blended seamlessly with the previous one, building energy levels throughout the event. Compared to the typical Moscow parties with ten DJs in the lineup and their hour-long “festival” sets, where everyone plays whatever they want, this seemed like heaven and earth to me. And I learned a lot from Emma.

I also, of course, keep a close eye on the progressive scene, the artists and events that are close to me. And from what I see, the coolest events are small events with a minimum of artists in the lineup: three or four DJs with two-hour sets. Look at the posters for past JOOF Editions in Brighton, FSOE UV in L.A., or Slideways in Toronto, for example.

Ultimately, when I came up with the idea of doing a JOOF Showcase, I realized three things: I want an intimate format, a minimum of artists, and for the sets to organically line up in energy throughout the night.

Enlusion will open JOOF Showcase with deep, atmospheric and melodic, but dark progressive:

Then I’ll add more energy and hypnotism:

And then Second Sine will finish us off with a powerful, dirty techno groove:

Come to JOOF Showcase to hear it all live – there’s nowhere else like it in Moscow. August 10, “Gorod” club.

Bonus video. We went the other day to the venue to test the light. There’s not a lot of smoke on the video, not really worked out lighting programming, and no people at all (obviously), but even so it felt cool!

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