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Assets and guidelines for promoters, agents, and press

Here you’ll find high-resolution pictures taken from the gigs, artist bio, official logo, links to verified social profiles, and complete discography listing.

Feel free to download the full press kit with all assets at once or choose individual pictures below. If anything else is needed for your press and promo needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Artist biography

A short artist biography with the key facts, quotes, links, dates, and career highlights is available in Google Docs

If for whatever reason you are looking for some in-depth, lesser-known details about the artist’s personality, you might want to read the interviews as well.

Official logo

Artist logo for flyers, posters, cover artworks, video titles, social media banners.

A special note for those who have used Daniel Lesden logo before: keep in mind that the old logo is no longer valid. If you are planning to use the logo, please make sure to download the new version down below.

The old logo is no longer valid

Single line logo

Download logo

Two-line logo

Download logo


Name Hex RGB
Space grey #3a3a3c 58, 58, 60
White #fff 255, 255, 255
Dark orange #f7941d 247, 148, 29


When you mention the artist in a press review, on a flyer or in any other way, please make sure to use proper spelling and facts. Here are some general artist and personal information for your convenience, feel free to use it as a reference.

Artist info

Stage name Daniel Lesden
Occupation DJ, music producer
Side projects A&R, event promoter
Music genre Underground dance music
Affiliation JOOF Recordings

Verified profiles

Personal info

Birth name Daniel Sokolovskiy
Birth date September 27, 1987
Residency UK


Here’s the full Daniel Lesden discography starting from his debut release to these days, including albums, singles, EPs, and remixes. Feel free to use it as a reference, and click on each release to find out more.


Singles and EPs


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