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I don’t check direct messages on Soundcloud, Twitter, and VK; I don’t use WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Linkedin neither, sorry. Sometimes I read direct messages on Facebook and Instagram though, but it’s easy to lose track of them there, and sometimes these services completely hide the messages so they remain unread for months and years.

So here are the best ways to get in touch with me to make sure I read your message:


If you would like to book me for a gig, propose a collaboration, send a promo, or just say hello, please email me at this address. I love emails, and I read every email in my inbox without exception.

Telegram: @dsokolovskiy

Not everyone likes to use email, I can understand that. If you prefer messenger, you can reach me on Telegram too.


If you want to send a demo for JOOF Recordings, use this special mailbox. Please bear with me: the label receives a few dozen or sometimes a hundred demos a week, so it will probably take a while for me to get to your track.

Ask for advice: fill the form

If you would like to submit a question to the advice section, please fill out this form. Sorry for the bureaucracy, but that way your question will automatically get on my to-do list and it will be easier for me to write your advice.

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